Gucci Spring 2011 Collection

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Gucci’s classic jet-set emblems were on full display at Frida Giannini’s Spring 2011 showing for the brand. The clothes on display in Milan were perfect for the man hopping from Rome to Marrakesh and to even farther reaches of the globe.

The nonchalant elegance that reigned at Gucci’s show was what every man wants: simple and chic. A prime example of the easy going collection was the suit worn with pulled sleeves with a scarf tied around the elbow, and topped off with moccasins.

The collection

This would be great to wear at a party. Elegant yet cool, you will for sure catch everyone's eye.

 For sure I would like to wear this. Great combination.

Interesting design, but I can't understand the collar.

If you will wear this outfit on the first day of college, you will automatically get respect and a few phone numbers.

Great look to go out with your friends on a walk on a sunny day.

 Ugly top.

Looks good. Too much white but it looks good. I think I'd wear it.

Great night look.

I really wouldn't wear this.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rank this look as a 7 or maybe an 8.

Playboy look. Thumbs up.


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