Versace Spring 2011 Collection

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For her Spring 2011, Donatella Versace condensed a spectrum of influences that range from classic cowboy to the 1978 film Grease and even optical art. Her collection is perfect for the man that wants to sing Elvis tunes all night long or just hang around the bar with The Fonz.

From the beginning of the show you could tell this was going to be a mixture of some strong influences. From the slicked back 50s hairstyle and the cowboy fringes on the shirts and pants – both made of leather, as well as leather pants that called up visions of chaps. However, rock chic ultimately won out as the main influence in the show as many looks such as a red and black leather jacket with a printed top, a transparent sleeveless shirt worn with a youthful pinstripe vest over classic trousers, and a few different types of jeans, some metallic and some tie dyed, were perfect for the man ready to rock or the one who wants to spend the evening with their gal at the diner listening to the jukebox. These looks were accessorized with superb chain jewelery pieces that were exposed above the shirts and also attached to some of the bottoms.

Donatella has grown tremendously in the amount of time she has been doing menswear. The fact that she can produce a collection that has a cohesive aesthetic but can be worn by an assortment of people is a testament to that.

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